Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maggie's Marvelous Adventure

Victoria and her filly Maggie.
 Thistlemead Margret was born on our farm 7 years ago. We had planned on pairing her with her mothe,r Trevallion Victoria, to be our driving pair. Maggie was a sweet girl from the get go. She was a beautiful foal and grew up into a beautiful full bodied Welsh Cob mare, but life got in the way.... and we never were able to put the two together, never able to continue her training after I suffered my stroke in 2006. It has been hard for us to let go and allow Maggie to go to a home where she could reach her full potential. But last weekend we said goodbye to this beautiful girl so that she can be ridden and trained by another beautiful girl, Gretchen Novak. Maggie will become a solid citizen and enjoy her life with Gretchen and with other Cobs...maybe even be a mom herself with a foal to call her own. And we know that Gretchen will keep us informed as to Ms. Maggie progress.

Young Maggie listening to my TWH gelding Duster, her best friend.

Maggie kissed Les goodbye.

On Sunday Maggie was picked up by Gretchen's mother and father. Les and I said our good byes and arrivederci's to her at the barn . Then Les walked her up our driveway where her trailer awaited. 

This scene will be a painting, for sure.
 Like a trooper she walked onto the trailer, as if she knew she was going on a wonderful adventure. Les and I watched as the truck and trailer took off down the road. A bitter sweet emotion, but lately it seems emotion as been in the forefront of our lives. Yet it is a blessing to know that Maggie will be loved.....we brought her into this life....and it was our duty to see that she has the best life possible. I think we have done that now.

I will try to capture some of the emotion in future paintings..........and I know I have a busy summer ahead of me. Maggie does too!


Nancy Medina said...

Sending this sweet soul to another beautiful chapter in her life. You are a great caretaker and mom, Kathi. I wish the world were filled with people like you.

Bonnie said...

awww Kathie she'll be just fine. I know it's hard to see them go up the drive on their way to a new life. She's a beautiful mare! Like you I want to keep them all. We collect them for life! LOL But sometimes we have to do what we have to do. It's great that you can stay intouch with her. Yes she'll be a wonderful mom one day. I can see many wonderful paintings coming from this adventure in your life. Live sometimes hands us a heep to deal with...but you know from you stroke that you just keep on keeping on. smile's go out to you and you memories of her. God Bless you.

Kate said...

Oh, I know what you felt as you loaded her on the trailer...I sent our "baby" off last summer and watched through tears as her new people trailered her off our farm and to her new life a couple of states away in OKlahoma. It didn't help that her Mama whinnied after that trailer for 12 hours! I'm happy to report we all got over the trauma and "baby" is doing well in her new home.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I just wanted to cry for you! I've had a few horses that have gone on to new homes, good home and I've cried my eyes out! Very touching post.

Martha said...

Well Dear horse lover's I need to share the other side of this story. My husband and I lost our beloved Sweet William in Nov. It was a permanant sad good bye and then the universe took care of our broken hearts by sending us Flyer. A beautiful cob boy from the dearest women in Canada. She was sad to see Flyer leave her nest but she was thrilled she could be apart of our healing. Sometimes it just all works out for the very best! Love to you Kathi,your sweet girl will be well loved and you will smile at their joy!

Gretchen Novak said...

Thank you for posting this, Kathi. I have to admit, it brought tears to my eyes. I feel very privileged to be able to say I'm Maggie's new Mom! I will love and spoil her, and bring her along with her training so you are proud!

Kpeters said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. Time heals a myriad of things and I am busy getting ready for shows and making travel plans to art shows and painting trips.Maggie will be painted in paintings to come.Her beautiful face will continue to inspire me.The 3 horses here now are being hugged much.
Yes ,we are very blessed.

Kpeters said...

Gretchen, Now you made me tear up!!We are happy our Maggie is with you. Enjoy her....and do stay in touch.