Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pastoral And Perennial Musings

"Pastoral"            Casein on board               6 x 6"
Today dawned bright and sunny. After a lazy morning reading and enjoying the sun spilling into the living-room,  Nell and I headed down to do the horses stalls.Our two black Walker geldings were sleeping in the sun.. on a bed of warmed hay. A glorious spring day had begun. Nell and I worked all afternoon raking the leaves and broken sticks off a portion of the front gardens. The south facing perennial gardens have started to sprout the tips of the tulips and Daffi's...the snowdrops are actually up and blooming. I raked and made plans of what needs to be moved....divided and weeded. How I love this time of year. Even though I do get a bit overwhelmed with all the to-do's on my mental IS  glorious time indeed! New beginnings.

During the past week I finished a small casein of a field of cows...the field is near our farm. This is a small casein on board and I titled it "Pastoral". It is available in my website' s Small Work Collection. 
This week I have to clean the studio.It is time. I know it is time to do that when I can't work due to the clutter. I have new work that needs to be started. I am getting back into some oil paint. It is time. New beginnings.

Nell will soak up the sun....what is left of it. She is SO happy to finally have spring arrived at Cob Cottage Farm.

Nellie sunbathing


NoviceArtist said...

I love the pastoral and peaceful scene of the cows. Great job!

New beginnings, Love it! Looking forward to more of your work.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I'm happy for Nell! She looks comfy there soaking up some rays!

Kpeters said...

Thanks for following my blog ..and be sure there will be more to come!

Nellie is a Florida girl and loves her sunshine!!