Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Really April Fool's

From our bedroom window.
Last week we were enjoying spring...the singing of the birds, the brook running free of it's mantle of ice and snow, bulbs peeking through the warming ground. And then this morning, April Fools Day 2011, we awoke to almost a foot of snow, covering our farm, hanging heavy on the trees and power lines. This is not nice ,Mother Nature!!

The Hawthorn tree and the sauna by the brook.

The view from our deck, or any window in the house for that matter, gifts us with a wonderful winter scene....but this is spring. It says so on the calendar.  I am ready for sun and warmth and yes, even black flies.......!!!!     
"The sun will come out ....tomorrow......!!!! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there WILL be sun!!!"

But today we shovel.  I am headed to the studio until spring really arrives.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Well, at least in April you know it won't ast. Looks pretty though.

NoviceArtist said...

It's gorgeous. I know, I live in the snowbelt too. Shovels aren't put away yet. Hopefully it will melt away soon. I'd rather be in my studio then shoveling at this point in the season.

Scrappy Grams said...

blah! We got cold rain. But at least it doesn't have to be shoveled. I hope it melts soon for you.

Susan said...

This is so beautiful! I must be crazy but, living in San Diego, I really miss the snow!

Kpeters said...

Pretty is as pretty does....and right now after having a winter with more snow than we needed, I look at this "pretty" and see shoveling.