Monday, April 18, 2011

Landscapes And Birds

"Lazy Kentucky Day"     oil on copper panel         8 x 10"
The weather as been very spring like. Very Fickle. One moment warm and sunny,,,,the next the winds howl and the sky is filled with gray ominous clouds. I have had time in the studio and last week did this new pasture scene of horses grazing on one of the many horse farms I saw last year in Kentucky. "Lazy Kentucky Day" is available on my website Our pastures here are not green yet. Our horses still pass most of the day near our barn, eating hay that we provide.Occasionally they venture out to back pastures to look for new grass is is sparse pickings. But even at the height of our grass growing season, our pastures never look as beautiful as the bluegrass country's pastures. Maybe that is why we do not raise thoroughbreds?!!

This past weekend we had hard driving rain come through our part of the Maine. Winds blew rattling the cottage, while the trees surrounding our farm danced and swayed.We lost our electric power for about an hour,but we were safe and warm...and dry. I watched the little birds come to our back feeder,braving the stormy weather for their sustenance.

A wind blown Yellow Finch waits his turn at the feeder.

I was able to capture some shots of those plucky little fellows as the jostled for their place at the feeder. The wind blew the feathers about on this finch. A Purple Finch waited for his turn on a branch of the Hawthorne tree.

Purple Finch are not really purple are they? 

During the storm our horses were cozy in their dry stalls...munching hay.  Better to be a horse than a wild bird  in weather like that!!


NoviceArtist said...

Great painting of a lazy Kentucky day. I love your bird photos. I agree better to be snug in/near a shelter then out in the trees with the weather. But then again the birds know what to do to survive our fickle springs. :)

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I agree that purple finches aren't really purple. I wonder who names these birds sometimes and what they were thinking. Sort of like Little Green Herons. Not much green on them! LOL! Lovely painting!

Kpeters said...

Thank you!!! and glad you like my work.
We so enjoy watching our birds and figuring out who is who with our Eastern birds birdbook. Our days start with bird songs and end with different birds and different songs.


sherryscarvings said...

Hi, first of all "Happy Easter"
I love your painting, beautiful.
Also love your farm and the barn. I'm crazy about barns.
Another one of my favorites to paint is song birds...they are just angels in disguised. :)