Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jim Key and Dr Key

The painting for the Mural progresses...the first foray into the casein is drying and I had to wait at least a day before going back into the painting... as I didn't want to pick up much of the first casein layer that I threw on there. It gives me time to sit back and reflect about changes I need to make and think about where I am going with this work.

I have now added the 1904 World Fair Pavilion where Jim preformed those years ago. This horse could read and spell and count...made change with money....My goodness..I can't even do that!!!

There are a few panels that have already been finished and are up at the Le Cadeau Du Cheval website. I love seeing what other artists are coming up with for their panels...Check it out for yourself! Just think, over 238 artists all working to the same end..the mother image that will emerge as the panels are finished and put up onto the grid! Exciting!

I need to finish my painting and get it up there!!

So back to the drawing board so to speak!!


christine said...

Very nice!!
I love the creativity and composition. The original panel would have stumped me! Just looked like a big old rock to me!
Good going!

Linda Shantz said...

This is looking great, Kathi! Really coming together. I'm glad casein is going to be represented on the mural! Such a cool medium.

Kpeters said...

Thanks, Christine and Linda....the casein is flowing beautifully on the support panel...I am enjoying this challenge.


Lynn said...

I had a cat who looked just like this one and she was defintely Maine Coon. Her name was Lucy and she had more personality than most people. She used to go hunting with Bill!