Saturday, May 31, 2008

Le Cadeau Du Cheval-The Gift of the Horse

Several weeks ago I received my panel for a mural that I am working on with an impressive bunch of artists from around the world. The project is directed by The Mural Mosaic team and the mural we are now working on is called "Le Cadeau Du Cheval" or "The Gift Of The Horse". All artists receive a panel already toned with color and we have to create our own painting staying within the realm of the tones and values in the panel. I received #174 [see above ] and have started my panel with a sketch of the subject matter which I chose.
I elected to do a painting of Beautiful Jim Key [the smartest horse in the world] and his owner Bill Key. I am reading the book about Jim and his life right now! So far so good!

So I have sketched Jim and the Dr. in charcoal and have already started painting in casein. Below is the sketch after in the first day of work.........figuring out the composition and what information I want to portray in the work. I also will be adding a building into the background.

Since then I have added some casein and added a background of the pavilion where Jim was introduced to the world at the 1904 World Fair...........It is a fascinating story about Jim...his owner and trainer and the start of the American Humane Education Society. William Key, an ex-slave from Shelbyville, Tenn. , a Civil War veteran and an acclaimed horse-whisperer, is recognized for helping to start a worldwide animal rights movement. And Beautiful Jim Key was the star who helped with that humane movement.
As the panel progresses I will keep you posted............ this is fun!

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