Friday, June 27, 2008


I just received an update from Germany, where a good friend of ours is competing in the 2008 FEI World Championship for Drivers with Disabilities. Mary Gary is in 3rd place … but all three girls from the USA are “over the moon," and with great reason.
Both Mary and Meghan are driving horses they have only driven 3 times before!! Their ponies [Welsh!] are leased from England. This is exciting for us, as Mary is the driver who has our colt out of our Cob mare ,Victoria. Mary competes here in America with Thistle Mead Lloyds Legacy……Legs was born into my arms on our North Pownal Farm called Thistle Mead Farm. He is full brother to our Maggie. My goodness it is all in the family!!!!

Meghan Benge [ from N.C.] is in 1st Place after dressage with a 41, Diane Kastama [CA] is in 2nd with a 42 and Mary Gray [ME] is in 3rd, putting The TEAM USA in 1st overall.


This is a photo of Victoria and Fergie ...our Welsh Cob mares...on our old farm in North Pownal.
Trevallion Victoria is on left. What a corker of a pair they were... and they were given to us by a lovely friend years ago!! Seems like yesterday.

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