Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wizard Kitty

I have a Maine Coon least she might be one. When she is walking away from me..which she does a lot....she looks just like a raccoon....and she is from Maine!
Mittens was born in our barn when we lived in North Pownal, Maine. She and her litter mates were born in the loft in a cozy den that her mom had found under all the bales of hay. When a friend and I finally were able to catch the little 'wildcats' , I kept Mittens and tamed her to become my lap-kitty. She can sing a pretty powerful song when she feels like it. Paula, my friend , kept two others from the litter. This was years ago and Mittens is still my lap kitty and resident mouser.
But this photo tells it all. That lofty imperial look definitely shows her attitude.....and see her wizard lighting bolt on her forehead? This cat is a wizard cat there is no denying it!! back to the drawing board!! I am doing a watercolor of my wizard cat!

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