Monday, June 30, 2008

Green Paint

The art show “ Hip to be Squared” at Gallery B located on 145 West Main St in Lexington, KY is running until the end of July. This is a neat show with all works in it done in a square format. I have 3 caseins in it. One is a still life that includes a bottle of wine and a half full wine glass…and some other hidden items that were required by the gallery in order to participate. The other two caseins are of a filly at different times in her ’childhood’ growing up process.

The weather has been VERY muggy here lately. Afternoons seem to bring thunderstorms and then fog. I have had a hard time getting varnish to dry on paintings that I needed to get out for clients and for shows coming up. When weather is like this forget about trying to do a paper cutting. The humidity makes my paper soft and then it tears. I quests it is time to get the air conditioner up and running. I am trying to be ‘green’ and not use it!

Speaking about green…I just realized that I was green before it was in vogue. I do works in casein, a milk based paint that does not pose a health hazard. It never dawned on me until I was speaking with a client recently and I was explaining about casein and its properties. He was interested in the fact that it wasn’t toxic like oil paint can be…a plus for me in my studio which is small and off the bedroom.
Back to the watercolor work and a casein painting I am working on. The watercolor is of my wizard kitty, Mittens!

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