Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dogs and More Dogs

This watercolor of a sweet Lab, called Jesse, was commissioned by the friend of the dog's owner after Jesse past over the rainbow bridge. Working on the painting brought back memories of the Labrador Retrievers we have had over the years. We always had one or two in our home while our sons were growing up. I always called them our 'doofy' dogs......but oh, how those dogs loved. Labs are also so ready to please and share hugs and kisses.

I can tell this little lady was much loved too. I can see it in her eyes.

And then there were Corgi's!!

These Cardigan Corgis are part of a HERD of Corgis that belong to a family in Texas. Herd? [or is it a gaggle of Corgis???] The Bucks' Cardigans actually herd their Beefmaster Cattle on their ranch. How cool is that?!! Corgis with real jobs to do! There will be more Buck Cardigan Welsh Corgi paintings in the works. I can't get enough of looking at these wonderful dogs and the Buck's beautiful farm.
In the meantime I need to get works out to Saratoga Springs for the summer show with Equidea Gallery....and do work for the invitational art show "Fertile Ground", to be held at Skyline Farm in September.
And the gardens are growing!!! Roses coming open and veggies growing.
This is a good thing!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Jesse is so like my old Lamb was (also a black lab) You are so right in saying that those dogs love!
Nice watercolour.

Kpeters said...

Actually if one wanted to be specific, [never my case] The Jesse is a mixed breed I suspect.

and never the less much loved.