Thursday, February 16, 2012

OIl Painting of Port Clyde, Maine

"Raspberry Island-Port Clyde,Maine"  Oil on copper    6x6"

I have started on several small oil paintings  from the recent trip last week to Spruce Head and Port Clyde. The sun was so bright that day and the late winter landscape with all it's abstraction really inspired me to get out my oils and prep some copper and start to paint. This is the first painting done...bright blue Cerulean sky and Ultramarine Blue water.....What fun! It is available on my website as it dries!!

Maine is beautiful anytime of year, and this winter has been so kind to us.I know Spring is not here yet,but the snow is melting,and today with the temps at a high of 50F here , Les had his lunch on the deck. That really helps one with cabin fever!!!

Back into the paint now....working on anther  6 x 6" oil and this time of Spruce Head. Taking a break from equine paintings for a bit!!


Anns Art said...

This is such a lovely painting and I like that you say what colours you used.

Oil Paintings said...

This is lovely painting.Thanks sharing..

Carol Reynolds said...

This is lovely ! Nice job.

laurie said...

this is just beautiful, I have just found your blog today, its nice to meet you,

Kpeters said...

Thank you All......I am enjoying painting scenes of Maine that I love!
and thank you for following my blog!