Monday, February 20, 2012

March in February

Chickadee sings a spring song!!

The weather continues to sparkle and with the sun higher in the sky, days seem warmer....much like March! We at Cob Cottage welcome the warmth....we are not complaining at all.The bird feeders are kept full and our yard is full of bird songs,with the Chickadee already singing its spring song.Bring it on!!

I completed another small oil on copper....but this time it is of an old barn,long empty of it's critters, in northern Maine. The old barn stands in Wytopitlock, Maine, up near the Canadian border, near New Brunswick. I changed it out a bit....added the yellow door which makes it remind me of our barn here at home. The fence was falling down and the fields overgrown. It is a scene you see a lot around Maine ,as farms are abandoned .....and the horses are gone.And that is why the title: "The Horses Are Gone"  I have 2 more copper panels prepared and ready to go. I am headed to the easel!!

"The Horses Are Gone"   Oil on copper   6 x 6"    ©2012 kathi peters

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