Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Falling, Polo #5 and Snow Coming

"Polo # 5"     Casein on board   6 x 8"   ©2012 kathi peters

Two small caseins  finished so far this week...and I am working on a third. The weather is absolutely brilliant and out! Outside the sun shines and it's warmth must feel so good on our old horses backs as they stand sleeping. Inside Nell and Mittens soak up the rays enjoying a rare moment sharing the same space with out a hassle.Nell is always the instigator. But for the moment they sleep..... quietly together!!

    Nell and Mittens basking...©2012 kathi peters

I LOVE painting JRT's full of personality and this guy [seen below] is overflowing with it.I feel so privileged to have the chance to paint several works depicting him and his antics. "Free Falling " is one of the most fun of all so far!!! But I am working on one more in honor of Saint Valentine's Day......stay tuned....I am working on it right now! 

                                                                       "Free Falling"    Casein on board    7 x 5"    ©2012 kathi peters

Both the two caseins depicted here, are now on my website in the Small Works portfolio of works available for purchase. "Polo #5" is one of a series of small paintings depicting the exciting sport of Polo!! They also are in my Small Works Portofolio.

Back into the JRT painting, after a brief "walkies" with Nell in the bright sun. Tomorrow we have a snow storm coming.....sigh...........

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