Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing Out - Painting Out

Asticou Gardens in bloom.
Yesterday we took off on a road trip to Acadia National Park on Mount Dessert Island in Down East, Maine. We got up, packed the car, filled Nellie's Ditty Bag with goodies,and off we went to play. I had also packed a bag with my plein air painting supplies, including my new lightly used thumbbox pochade that artist friend Renee Lammers had just gifted me.We ended not having time for me to paint, but I did get oodles of photos for future paintings.The gardens at Asticou were brilliant with their June splendor of azaleas mirrored on glass like waters. We picnic-ed in Acadia shade. Nellie got a walk in the woods to smell the not yet ready blueberry bushes and sweet cedar and pine. Acadia is my favourite place to be....ever.

The eagle  would not look at us.
We saw a eagle sweep and grab his lunch from Hadlock Pond.I tried to get a better picture of him but he would not turn his head towards us.But another feathered friend, whom we met in Ellsworth, was more than happy to come visit in our face.....Mr Crow was very truculent,looking for handouts and had no problem posing for photos.

This crow will be painted!
So though we had a lovely break from the farm and studio, today we are back to the same old and I am in the studio.....Les is mowing the lawns and orchard.....and it is summer in Maine!

Here is a quick little casein plein air painting I did ....sitting in my garden and trying out the Guerrilla thumb-box....what a neat little unit it is! I have gone back into this painting after I shot it here. You can see the current paintng on my website . I will be doing more paintings outside....I am ready!

"Sweet Spring Colors"     casein on canvas on board    6 x 8"

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Susan Renee Lammers said...

Hi Kathi! I am so happy you went out and plein aire painted! It is such a fun exercise to do. I think you did a wonderful job. Glad you had fun. Practice some more! When I get back maybe we will go to Monhegan? I hope to be back on June 19 th or so!