Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Lot Of Crock

Cleaned up!

The studio had arrived at the point that it REALLY needed some help. I couldn't find paintings,  my supplies or any space to work in. So I took charge and went shopping. I bought a shelf to store framed paintings and supplies on. The building of the shelf  was a testament of how solid my husband's and my marriage is! Yes ,we got it up and working, through mutual agreement, and much holding of tongues....yes, a labor of love! It stands strong and  tall, and is already helping me to get my space back.

The Shelf of a thousand usages.

I moved some furniture around and gained some more space...I can actually get to my cupboard for supplies.What an novel concept! Brilliant!!

But I still have a huge sauerkraut crock, that my brother gifted me with, taking up space beside my  studio table...the spot where I like to sit and read...I am trying to come up with some constructive use for this mammoth pickling crock!! Ideas?!! No.. I will not be making sauerkraut.

Nellie and the "lotta crock!"
I am painting, in between other artist type chores and farm duty. My days are a bit easier, being down to the three horses now. And it is the season of more shows and changing out art works with galleries and shipping of new work.

AND I received the exciting news that the painting I sent to the National Society of Painters In Casein and Acrylic annual show was juried in! I am excited about this, as the painting will be hanging in their 57th annual show May 23 through June 10th , in New York City at the prestigious Salmagundi Club on Fifth Ave. The painting juried in is  "Shades Of Black # 9" , one of the paintings in my 'Shades of Black' series. I am so honored to be part of this show.

But I am painting....and here is one of my works in progress.....see? 
It is not a bunch of crock!!!    ;-)

Casein work in progress.


Susan Renee Lammers said...

I love your new shelves! I really love the pastel colors of your latest painting! Very nice work!

anne tarbox said...

That big crock would be great for storing rolls of paper, canvas acetate etc. More handsome than the old wastebasket I have full of those things!

Karina Russell said...

Maybe not in your studio, but it would be great to keep your gift wrap and bows in or walking sticks and umbrellas. It's a great container - how about those big packages of TP that take up space in the bathroom? It could even be turned upside down and used as a side table beside a chair or as a garden seat. With a drainage hole, it could be a planter. If there is no lingering sauerkraut smell, you could roll up towels and keep them in the crock instead of a cabinet. It's, no doubt heavy, so you could stand brooms, mops etc. on the back porch or even stand up garden tools in it in the garage. You have a versatile piece. I'm sure you'll find a good use for it.

NoviceArtist said...

You can turn the crock on its side, brace it with something so it won't roll, add some comfy cushions inside, and you have a snuggly place for the dog to sleep while you paint. :)

Kpeters said...

Good ideas everyone! Thanks! What I didn't say in my blog is that it is an antique crock....so probably it will be made into a table...a very big heavy table!!.Wish I had a porch to use it on!! Maybe this an excuse to build a porch!!!!??

Jenny Schouten Short said...

You're an inspiration. Can't you paint better in a clean studio? xo Jenny

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

LOL! Ahh...space! Why is it that we allow so much clutter to sort of build up gradually? Congrats also!!!

Kpeters said...

Thanks, Jenny! I don't know if I paint better in a clean studio, BUT I do spend way less time looking for tools and supplies when everything is sort of in its place.I go for organized clutter!

momamama said...

Beautiful paintings and what a nice clean studio :)

Kpeters said...

Oh, The cleaned studio doesn't stay clean for long!! LOL
But I do enjoy it cleaned once in a while.