Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Gray.....Horse and Day

"Gray Eating Hay"          Casein / ink on board              11 x 14"

After several day where we actually saw sun,we are back into gray spring weather that rains,brings fog and makes the trees blossom ,coloring our views with whiles and pinks. Maybe it is the spring colors that inspired me to depict this gray in a sort of spring like atmosphere....but I did and here it is. "Gray Eating Hay" is offered on my website.

Tilled garden
In spite of rain, the gardening still needs doing and we have tilled the garden  [while the sun shone] and then in the drizzle. I have planted my salad mix and my Cilantro and Basil. The Curly Garlic is growing tall and green. I use the green stocks in cooking and so enjoy them as the grow and show their curly tops. A fun addition to our garden! AND they expand each year! I am going to paint them, probably in oil on copper, when the tops are curling.

Some Tulips and Dandelions
My tulips are dotting the gardens.....and even the lawn is colorful with yellow dandelions....!!
How I love spring!

Plum trees in blossom

 The Plum trees dance like young ladies in Tu-Tus across our orchard. I need to paint them....I will paint them too.
Lots to do..... and no lack of subject matter without even leaving the farm. If the weather will clear I am going to plein air....right in my back yard at Cob Cottage.



Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful painting, love the colors.

maria said...

yes very beautiful and gentle dicpiction of this lovely breed

Kpeters said...

Thank you both! I just I have felt the effect of spring!

Susan said...

Glorious! The pastel colors give a real sense of serenity and safety to the painting.

momamama said...

Beautiful painting and I can see why you love spring!

Kpeters said...

Spring can be beautiful,even if we have had toooooo much rain and fog.
Thanks all.