Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There's One In Every Crowd - Critics

Resident critic
Over the past few days I have finished the veggie gardens planting, bedded it with hay, mowed lawn twice and figured out how to set up my new plein air easel on the fly. Yesterday was a glorious Maine day and after getting barn chores done,and finally finishing an oil painting I had been working on for ages. [Well not working on...MORE LIKE letting it sit, waiting for me to work on it again. ] I set up my new easel outside in the garden under the arbor and sketched the orchard. I think I will be liking this 'out of the studio' experience......and now that I am REALLY set up for it, I am sure I will do it more often. I had company while I worked. I had a critic who watched my every move and in the end agree I had done a "good job" and it was time to eat. If only all critics were that easy to please!

The orchard sketch
 Days are so busy now. The summer buzz. For instance, I am headed out to the barn now for stall mucking, then I need to water gardens....and THEN I get time in the studio. On my to-do list today ...I need to choose what art work goes to Equidea Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY. I personally will be there this year, for August 5th, doing a' painting in casein' demonstration in the morning....the same day of the Gallery's champagne reception in the evening. Come on out and share a bit of the bubbly with me! Buy a painting!

This racing oil painting might be heading to Equidea Gallery.....I have to decide today. I will ask Nell to help me decide. She always has opinions.

This oil was done after a  6x 6"casein painting I did. The oil is bigger.


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Your schedule sounds like mine!!!

Kpeters said...

Kimberly, I sometimes wish things would slow down a bit.It doesn't get any easier!!!
But I always can find some time to paint!