Friday, January 1, 2010

In A Crabapple Tree

Outside our cottage, standing almost as tall as our house, is a crab apple tree that pleases us all year long... with spring blossoms, summer shade and fall crab apples. In the winter it also pleases the birds who flock to our feeders and the boughs of this tree with its rotten fruit that sustains them through the cold long winters in Maine. Today our resident Ruffed Grouse flew up into the branches to feed his fill of the fruit...and the buds, on the tree. My husband has named him 'Buddy". Buddy has taken to following Les around our property and has also taken up housekeeping on the edge of our lawn amongst the woods and brush. Today Buddy lit on a branch above me and I had my camera in hand...and finally he posed as I snapped away. It so brings to mind the song "A Partridge In A Pear Tree"!! I find it so amusing that this bird has adopted Les, so to speak...! Les and his 'Buddy"!!

After last night's blanket of snow, the dogs were so happy to get out and play, wrestle and run. I had the privilege of shoveling while they played.
But I did get some time to actually get into the paint and have almost finished a casein I am working on of two Blue Tick pups. Back to painting now before it is time to walk the dogs again and then batten down the hatches for the next snow storm predicted for tomorrow! Gotta love Maine winters! Actually...I think I really do love them!

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Nancy Medina said...

Another great post Kathi - I think I would love those cold winters too if I lived up there. Thank you for adding me as a fav friend lady!!! I tried to add you as a fav friend but the thingy ma gadget isn't working for me! then again, I am technically challenged.
warm hugs from chilly Dallas!