Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Art Of Farming On A Small Scale

Sweet Adeline [resident Corgi] on her way to the farm and chores.

Life at Cob Cottage doesn't always just mean sitting in a warm sunny studio and creating works of art. This January it has ALSO meant treks to the barn through knee high snow and shoveling ...shoveling....shoveling! That is the hard part of having a small farm tucked in the Maine woods. But on the bight side..there is a lovely changing landscape that we are blessed with, ...360 degrees of nature's beauty... God's gift to us to enjoy each day....between shoveling and trekking!

JRT on the hunt.

Our dogs are small, so they need paths, to and from, to get their business done each day. Addie is very happy for these paths, like mazes running through our orchard and gardens...all provided by Les . The man snow blows them paths hither and yon. Spoiled pups! Nell [ our resident JRT ] spends the majority of her 'walkies' time looking for voles and varmint under the snow. She jumps and leaps through the white, then dives to depths with only her tail showing! Then after she has hunted her fill, she heads for the bedroom to sleep among the pillows...where she is sure I will not find her!

What dog? I don't see a dog?

Down in the barn four horses depend on us for their food and lack of that there! But even there, in the paddocks and run-out-sheds, there is more shoveling and snow blowing to do with each snow storm. [Not to mention the daily shoveling of 4 stalls!]
There is no lack of subject matter at Cob Cottage to feed my creative muse

Now it is time to get back to the studio and the next painting!


Marie Theron said...

Hi Kathi, thank you for this lovely peek into your life on the farm. It looks idyllic now with the snow everywhere (we do not know snow). My husband read over my shoulder and said to tell you, that your horse paintings are incredible.

Kpeters said...

Marie, I am glad you like our farm scenes...we love it here. It takes an act of congress to get me off my farm.
Tell your husband thank you for his kind words.All are a labor of love.

Gaina said...

If I could describe my ideal home in my ideal location, it would be right where you are. It even looks like a happy place to be in the depths of winter:).

Kpeters said...

Gaina..thank you! You know we love it here too. It is almost 8 years that we have lived here and the views and fields still bring us joy each day. Even when we are shoveling snow and breaking ice!!