Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Much To Do About Harry

We woke up to a morning white with new fallen snow.Not a lot. Just enough to make the world outside our cottage white, bright and fluffy. The dogs love rolling in it...the horses love running in it and kicking up their heels. Even my old Tennessee Walker, Dom, [ COMING 30!] enjoyed it for a bit. But now the winds have kicked up and the temps have plummeted with a wind-chill factor that makes being outside uncomfortable. The horses need more hay!

One of my life's passions is my flower gardens. They keep growing on me. Each spring I say no more plants! and then I go by a greenhouse....and before I know it new perennials have found their way into my truck and then need to be planted. I swear this is going to be the year that I DO NOT get new plants.
Under the new blanket of snow sit my gardens.....and they all take care, transplanting, dividing and pruning. Will I never learn??!!!

This is a photo of my "Harry"..[ a Harry Lander's Bush ]...and I love him and his gnarly branches....and when he is draped with snow he is so lovely!

While I am thinking about it : I have been working on my website and have a few new casein works on it now. Tell me what you think.

And now I need to get dressed up in my layers of winter clothes and walk the dogs, and feed the horses. Just getting dressed these winter days is a chore in it's self....never mind the horses, dogs, gardens, painting, paperwork, house care, cooking....on and on...........


Marie Theron said...

I love the Harri bush, it is like abstract art! Kathi, I visted the website! What an amazing range of topics. Your still life and wildlife works was a nice surprise, and they are all beautiful. The paper cut art was very accomplished. And the horses: lovely as always!

Kpeters said...

Marie, thanks so for all your input!
I do love doing wildlife work and will be doing more of it in the near future.Right now I am trying to keep up with the equine work that needs doing! Not enough hours in a day! Thank you!