Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Painting

The new year blew into Morrill with a major snow storm, high winds and over a foot of snow. My loft studio was a good place to stay and get some paperwork done and to start several new works on canvas. I am planning a year of artistic growth and exploration. I am pushing the envelope a bit with my casein work and working a bit in tempera and in oil. The newest painting is a 24 x 48" canvas of a driving scene...a lovely welsh pony hitched to a governess cart. So stay on for the might get a bit bumpy!!


Gaina said...

I look forward to seeing where this all takes you :). I have my first exhibition this year and in a medium I've never used before (3D) so I am pushing myself in all kinds of ways, but it's fun :).

Kpeters said...

I think we need to stretch to grow as an artist...otherwise it becomes same old same old.
3D...That is exciting!