Tuesday, January 19, 2010

After the Show ...High Ho High Ho

Les straightening the pole-skirting.

The weekend flew by so fast as we flew back and both between Morrill and Augusta each day for the Equine Art Show at the Civic Center. I was so happy to have been included in this art show and for the chance to reconnect with old friends and clients...all the horse folks of Maine!! And I was so good... and did not spend any money on horse stuff...though I did lust over a few trailers there that would hold a pair of driving horses AND our carriage!!! I say that laughing because I need a bigger studio before I get a bigger trailer!!!

Today I finally got back into the tiny studio and to work on the driving painting that I am doing...24 x 48" with casein. As snow fell over our farm, I stay cozy in the studio making headway on this small pony on a big canvas. There will be more to come...but this is where we are this afternoon.

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