Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Carry A Big Mahl Stick Now

I have been having a problem when working on large canvases and keeping my hand steady wanted a mahl stick to work with. I explained what I wanted..showed my husband the stick in an art catalogue I have... and voila! The man made me two! One a 30" stick for my bigger easel works and a smaller 15" one for works that I can actually do on my drawing board. I don't know how I worked before without them! I do know I dragged my hand through wet paint a lot! Not good! I photographed the sticks so you can see what he made!What a clever man!

Today I am getting paintings together for the art show in Augusta next weekend at the
Northeast Horseman's Conference and Trade Show Invitational Art Show. I have been invited to exhibit my work along with 4 other Maine equine artists, January 16th and 17th, 2010 in Augusta, Maine at the Civic Center. My work exhibited will mainly comprise my casein work. I am excited to see what the other artists have been doing! One of my painting will be "I Can Do It My Self", [shown below] a smaller casein on paper. Hope to see you there!

"I Can Do It Myself" 9 x 12" casein


Karen McLain said...

Looks great Kathi!

Gaina said...

Yay for handy husbands! :D I never figured out how people manage to use those. I am left handed and can see me getting in a right old pickle with one....or it could lead to a new style! :D

Kpeters said...

Gaina, I hold it with my left hand with the right side of it with the tip against the canvas or board. I am sure you will figure out how to use it left-handed! It really helps!

Kpeters said...

It is coming along, Karen..........!!

Lynn said...

do I know this Pony?

Kpeters said...

Lynn...I am sure you know this Pony!! ;-)