Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Color Is Left

Looking out from my studio, the farm is starting to look a bit gray around the edges. The gold and orange of Fall makes way for the more solemn gray of the coming winter. But the one bright spot behind the barn,beside the pond, stands out with the still yellow of the Tamarack trees. I love them in the fall with their burst of yellow and again in spring when they put out their delicate soft Chromium Light Green needles that just whisper of the coming of warmth and growth on the farm.

The other bright spot being my awesome yellow barn doors. What a great statement they make!
Canvas is not the only thing I paint!!

Don't forget the 140 Hours of Fame Art show and Auction that is taking place on Twitter....check it out. A great way to get some great art to brighten up your walls for this winter! It starts tomorrow, Nov.5th! Bid early and bid often!

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