Monday, November 23, 2009

Into My 'Self "

Our resident hunter was off for a few days of recreation with our sons, hunting the great white-tail. I had my days to myself, to pursue my own entertainment. Of course my day had to be scheduled around the walking of the dogs and caring for the horses...but other than that I was free!!

I have been working on a few paintings for shows that are coming up, but I felt like playing in my paints for a bit...doing something different... and decided to entertain the idea of doing a self-portrait. I hadn't done one in a while and I have always felt that one way to grow and explore as an artist, is to explore and paint one's self.

So I struck this pose in front of our bedroom mirror and Voila' ....a self-portrait arose! It is small, as I don't want to be taken for a self absorbed dilettante, is a 6 x 6" casein. Of course to be able to see what I was painting I had to have my posh glasses on! I feel they added to the 'feel' of the painting.

So here it is...'an artist as seen by an artist!' For what it is worth?!!


Gaina said...

I love it. As a person who's never met you I think it gives me a strong sense of your character :)

Marie Theron said...

A lovely loose style, Kathi. and you have portrayed some real character and wisdom in your "sitter"!

Kpeters said...

Thanks Giana and Marie, I know the "sitter" has been through a lot, as of late!

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura said...

I love the glasses and love how you are holding your head. You are really inspecting your image. Heads are really hard to do that small where a millimeter can make a world of difference. Nicely done, and I like that you've made it your avatar icon on Twitter.

Kpeters said...

LOL Aaron, it was a hard job, as my glasses are for seeing close work..and so seeing over them to see "me" and then back to the board was a struggle in it's self! But I persevered and got it done!