Monday, November 30, 2009

The Auction- The Show

"Experiencing Freeport Maine- Showing Our Town Through Art" finally ends with the Auction on Friday night [12/5/2009] at Freeport Square Gallery ,140 Main Street, in Freeport at 7 pm. This has been a fun 'ride" first grant experience and also a learning experience. What did I learn? It is good to stretch and try your wings once in a while.....and that I CAN do bigger paintings in my tiny loft studio.

"Freeport Heroes" casein on canvas 4' x 4'

Our eldest son is a Portland, Maine to honor him, and all firemen... I chose to depict Freeport's firemen circa the 1940's. I put their ladder truck in a 1940's parade down Main Street and in front of the old L.L.Bean building. The scene is a figment of my imagination, a compilation of old photos and imaginary people. It was a stretch.
It was fun and hopefully someone can relate to it and imagine it hanging on their wall!!
And it better be a big wall!!!

Hope to see you there!


Aaron Caycedo-Kimura said...

That's very ambitious! I know how hard it is to make large paintings in a small space. My largest to date is 30" x 40" and it was really hard to do. No room to step back. I hope your painting finds a good home. Good job!

Kpeters said...

Yes, it is the stepping back to see the work that is the hard part. I was in fear of stepping back TO see and falling down the spiral stairs from my loft!
And I can't count how many times I have hit my head on the sloped ceiling! :-)