Monday, November 9, 2009

Past Recaptured

Sometimes it is the little things in our life that we hold dear....surround ourselves with. Someone else might not understand our relationship with them...May even think us silly to hang onto these things, ...but as for me, I hang on, hold dear and even display them around our cottage.
I have plates hanging on the walls, standing on hutches, in book cases....Some from my life in Italy as a child, some from my mother's childhood....and some even from my great-grandmother on my mother's side of our family. On occasion I even use some....a luncheon with a friend, Thanksgiving with family.....and sometimes just because.
The above is a small watercolor [9 x 11 1/4"] of my Great-grandmother's blue platter, often used by my mother and now displayed on our kitchen hutch. The silver creamer is from my grandmother Richeimer.....and the little silver spoon was mine when I was a baby.The spoon also fed my sons when they were little and is here in our kitchen for use by our grandchildren ...and even great grandchildren!!!
Wanting to do a timely still-life, I threw in some of our Crab apples from the tree that stands outside my studio window. I look at it now, as I write, all covered with red apples which the hungry Bluejays pick off of the branches and the Morning Doves eat below. There are plenty to feed the birds well into the winter.

I have put the watercolor titled "Spoon and Creamer" on my website. It is available and is unframed.
A piece of my life that maybe would touch someone else's life too.

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