Friday, November 20, 2009

I Am Not Sure

"Riding With" casein on paper 9 x 12" copyright 2009

On a rainy windy and bleak day like today...I am sitting here and wondering if I posted this art work before...? If I did, please forgive. Yes, some days I wouldn't find my head if it wasn't attached! This is a casein work on paper.

Next week, a small show opens at Gallery B in Lexington, KY and I have several works in this holiday show of "Tiny Treasures" on November 23rd. Everything in that show will be approximately 12 x 12" or smaller.

And then the auction of all the art works that were in in the Freeport Maine's Artists in Maine Communities grant, "Experiencing Freeport-Knowing Our Town Though Art" happens the beginning of December. I will post more about that when I know more! My painting "Freeport Heroes" will be on sale at the auction.

The pups are napping on the couch, listening to jazz and the rain beating on the windows. If I continue that way I am now...I will be joining them soon. It is one of those days! That is the ONE THING that I am sure of on a day like this!

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