Monday, November 2, 2009


"Pony Club Pals" casein 9 x 12" signed

I am proud to be part of an exciting new endeavor... a unique online art auction designed to introduce artists to a global marketplace.The auction will begin on 5 November 2009 at 12:01 p.m. EST and lasts 140 hours, through 11 November 2009 closing at 8:01 p.m. EST.

My equine art casein "Pony Club Pals" featured above, is in this online show and auction!...A neat way for collectors of my work to collect, and all from the privacy of their Twitter on phone or computer! ...where ever they home, at work, on the train commuting to work......where ever! WORLD-WIDE!

The 140-hour auction will take place entirely on the World Wide Web. The gallery has designed an auction system allowing TWITTER® users worldwide to enter their bids online.

Gary Brant, the show Director, explained, “With the huge popularity of TWITTER®, we wanted to reach out directly to this group of highly sophisticated users. This event will give our participating artists an opportunity to be seen by art buyers and collectors alerted to the event through the power of social networking.”

The event is free for all artists worldwide. Early reports indicate that the auction will be a popular venue for emerging artists, as well as art collectors and patrons globally.

Collectors/Bidders must register by simply following on 140 Hours, a process that takes five seconds and can be accomplished before or during the auction.

I started "Tweeting" earlier this year.....yes! is a phenomenon that has created a buzz...I am excited about being part of this new social media event! Check it out...see for yourself! As we said back in the 60"s ...COOL!

And you can see my tweets on Twitter at Cob Cottage!! It is not always about art or horses!! Sometimes just life!

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Gail said...

Good luck, but you don't need luck, your art is amazing.