Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Dream Vacation?

I have started a Facebook page and have been meeting tons of new friends from all over the world. Artists work in an isolated environment and so while suffering a bit from cabin fever this late winter, I got “poked” into starting Twitter and Face book.
The reason I mention this is because one new friends is from England, and she has told me about a vacation idea where one could rent a horse and wagon…a gypsy cob and Vanner wagon. What a great idea that would be. And Les could do the driving and I would just sit and enjoy the scenery!!! At a nice slow pace. A step back in time! How lovely that would be!

The lovely Gypsy Vanner’s and Cobs are so neat. I can appreciate their strength and classic confirmation. We own Cobs and I never tire looking at them. Or painting them. I did the above watercolor of this Gypsy Vanner, and threw in some tempera to do the details of the wagon. You can see a
larger image of this on my website.So while I work in my studio today my imagination takes flight and I am discovering the English countryside and listening to Sting!

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Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

Kathi - this is gorgeous! I love the patterning, and the idea of such a vacation..... wanna stowaway? I'll bring some wine - what sort of vintage goes with the English countryside and vanners?? hmm....