Saturday, March 21, 2009

Leader of The Pack Finished

This mixed media painting on canvas ,18 x18" is done and as it was done with casein, pen and pastels I will be having it glassed and framed. I have had fun exploring this combination of milk based casein paint and pastels on the canvas. Casein goes down smoothly over the Colourfix primer and then the pastels' pure pigment floats it seems on the casein and primer base.
"Leader of The Pack" will be put into my website and is available.

Now for today and however long it desk is cleared and I am doing the inevitable taxes.
Oh, how I avoid this chore each year!!


Lynn said...

I love that purpley/blue. I want to ride right into it with those happy tails.

Kpeters said...

It was the happy tails that attracted me to this shot!

cat said...

be entertained