Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Bit Over Whelmed

There has been so much happening the past few weeks...I am feeling a bit over whelmed by it all. All I need is for the snow to melt too fast and have all the gardens looking to have my care too and I will be panic-ed!! But I don't see that has happening ..seeing we still have two feet of white stuff to get rid of! I think Mother Nature is cutting me some slack!
The opening for a Belfast, Maine Art show at Aarhus Gallery was held last Friday evening to a VERY full house.I had one of my mixed media painting of My Family Series showcased there. I am working on some more of these.... a trip into my past and ancestry....and fun.

I have four shows I have been invited to....and a personal show coming up in Lexington, KY. in May titled "Finding My Voice" Gallery B.

The interview with me, covering my oeuvre of equine artwork, has come out in
ART HORSE MAGAZINE.... and it is neat to see my work showcased so nicely..and at such a good time!

That being said....I am heading back into my paints and pastels ..yes, pastels....interesting combination..and the hunter painting....and I am starting a new driving work. If ONLY I could just paint.....and not have to do the paper work that goes with all this 'artist's life".............. a necessary evil! Heh ...the sun is out! A good omen!!!!


Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

Kathi, I'm exhausted just reading about your productivity!! the new pieces are stunning, the article was almost as brilliant as the artwork, and I cannot wait to see the casein-pastel combo results!!

congratulations to your latest accomplishments!

Karen Thumm said...

Congratulations on your "overwhelming" success! I look forward to reading the article in Art Horse Magazine which just came.

The art is beautiful!

Kpeters said...

So now Karen, you will learn everything you NEVER wanted to know about me!! LOL

Kim, I would be hard pressed to keep up with you!!!