Monday, March 30, 2009

A Moment In Time

I do like doing commissions, but I have to admit some grab your heart more than others. The above casein commissioned portrait [ 18 x 18"] of a young woman and her beautiful American Saddlebred horse was one of those commissions where I was really inspired by the beauty of both the owner and her "Tiffany". The work was commissioned by the husband without his wife's knowing about it. He provided me with a portfolio of photographs, none of them really showing the scene that he wanted painted. But he did provide me with enough images to work from, so I could construct the "Moment In Time " that he envisioned....and as he explained what he wanted, I immediately saw the image in my mind's eye. There was so much movement in the walking horse and the way I was able to play the light through the background trees and onto the horse and owner....the painting came together the way I wanted it to!

I have held off posting this until the painting present was presented on the wife's birthday. The painting now hangs in their home in Ohio.

This year I am accepting only a few commissions and focusing more on original works. I have a very busy year ahead...but as Martha says "That is a good thing!"


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Kathleen Coy said...

This is so beautiful, Kathi. It has such a sweet feeling to it, I'm sure she was thrilled!

Kpeters said...

Thanks so much for the kudos. and yes they say they are very pleased with their painting.It is always good to hear that! ;-)