Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Pony

My mother always thought she wanted to be a equestrian. She took any chance she could get to get on a horse, pony, even a pig! When a photographer, leading a small pony, roamed the streets of her home town , she begged her mother to get her picture taken on the photographer's pony. Her mother succumbed to her demands and I have the old faded photo of my mother "The Equestrian".
But I have called this small casein "The Pony"...what a hero this little pony was..foundered at some point in his life...but still giving children the thrill of their sit on a pony and get their photo taken!
I can remember begging my mother to let me sit on the carousel horses that stood outside of stores, pay your nickle and get a ride...mind you I had a real pony at home to ride whenever I wanted..but there was some attraction to the motorized pony in the store front!
This small "gem" of a painting "The Pony", can be seen on my website.....
Now I am headed down to clean the stalls of the four alive and non-motorized "ponies" on our farm.


jc said...

I felt the same as a child. Always wanted to ride the horse on the Carousel too. I loved the picture and story of todays's post

Kpeters said...

Thanks, JC.
My parents never could figure it out NEED to ride the carousel horses??!!!