Monday, June 30, 2008

Green Paint

The art show “ Hip to be Squared” at Gallery B located on 145 West Main St in Lexington, KY is running until the end of July. This is a neat show with all works in it done in a square format. I have 3 caseins in it. One is a still life that includes a bottle of wine and a half full wine glass…and some other hidden items that were required by the gallery in order to participate. The other two caseins are of a filly at different times in her ’childhood’ growing up process.

The weather has been VERY muggy here lately. Afternoons seem to bring thunderstorms and then fog. I have had a hard time getting varnish to dry on paintings that I needed to get out for clients and for shows coming up. When weather is like this forget about trying to do a paper cutting. The humidity makes my paper soft and then it tears. I quests it is time to get the air conditioner up and running. I am trying to be ‘green’ and not use it!

Speaking about green…I just realized that I was green before it was in vogue. I do works in casein, a milk based paint that does not pose a health hazard. It never dawned on me until I was speaking with a client recently and I was explaining about casein and its properties. He was interested in the fact that it wasn’t toxic like oil paint can be…a plus for me in my studio which is small and off the bedroom.
Back to the watercolor work and a casein painting I am working on. The watercolor is of my wizard kitty, Mittens!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I just received an update from Germany, where a good friend of ours is competing in the 2008 FEI World Championship for Drivers with Disabilities. Mary Gary is in 3rd place … but all three girls from the USA are “over the moon," and with great reason.
Both Mary and Meghan are driving horses they have only driven 3 times before!! Their ponies [Welsh!] are leased from England. This is exciting for us, as Mary is the driver who has our colt out of our Cob mare ,Victoria. Mary competes here in America with Thistle Mead Lloyds Legacy……Legs was born into my arms on our North Pownal Farm called Thistle Mead Farm. He is full brother to our Maggie. My goodness it is all in the family!!!!

Meghan Benge [ from N.C.] is in 1st Place after dressage with a 41, Diane Kastama [CA] is in 2nd with a 42 and Mary Gray [ME] is in 3rd, putting The TEAM USA in 1st overall.


This is a photo of Victoria and Fergie ...our Welsh Cob mares...on our old farm in North Pownal.
Trevallion Victoria is on left. What a corker of a pair they were... and they were given to us by a lovely friend years ago!! Seems like yesterday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dogs and More Dogs

This watercolor of a sweet Lab, called Jesse, was commissioned by the friend of the dog's owner after Jesse past over the rainbow bridge. Working on the painting brought back memories of the Labrador Retrievers we have had over the years. We always had one or two in our home while our sons were growing up. I always called them our 'doofy' dogs......but oh, how those dogs loved. Labs are also so ready to please and share hugs and kisses.

I can tell this little lady was much loved too. I can see it in her eyes.

And then there were Corgi's!!

These Cardigan Corgis are part of a HERD of Corgis that belong to a family in Texas. Herd? [or is it a gaggle of Corgis???] The Bucks' Cardigans actually herd their Beefmaster Cattle on their ranch. How cool is that?!! Corgis with real jobs to do! There will be more Buck Cardigan Welsh Corgi paintings in the works. I can't get enough of looking at these wonderful dogs and the Buck's beautiful farm.
In the meantime I need to get works out to Saratoga Springs for the summer show with Equidea Gallery....and do work for the invitational art show "Fertile Ground", to be held at Skyline Farm in September.
And the gardens are growing!!! Roses coming open and veggies growing.
This is a good thing!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wizard Kitty

I have a Maine Coon least she might be one. When she is walking away from me..which she does a lot....she looks just like a raccoon....and she is from Maine!
Mittens was born in our barn when we lived in North Pownal, Maine. She and her litter mates were born in the loft in a cozy den that her mom had found under all the bales of hay. When a friend and I finally were able to catch the little 'wildcats' , I kept Mittens and tamed her to become my lap-kitty. She can sing a pretty powerful song when she feels like it. Paula, my friend , kept two others from the litter. This was years ago and Mittens is still my lap kitty and resident mouser.
But this photo tells it all. That lofty imperial look definitely shows her attitude.....and see her wizard lighting bolt on her forehead? This cat is a wizard cat there is no denying it!! back to the drawing board!! I am doing a watercolor of my wizard cat!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Some news about what has been happening career -wise for me while I have been 'playing' in my gardens.....

I have had two artworks chosen to be featured in a new book By Vicky Moon, titled “Equestrian Style -Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant “ to be coming out next month. [July 2008] It is published by Clarkson Potter. The book captures the equestrian way of life with an unprecedented peek into several dozen stunning residences…. a French-accented mansion decorated with contemporary horse art; an equestrian resort on 395 acres—complete with cottages for owners to rent and a large private collection of carriages; a spa with a swimming pool for horses; and a working barn that Kathryn Ireland decorated to do double duty as a home for a professional horseman, riding instructor, and model, and whose students included Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

“Rhapsody In Blue”, a casein painting of A Friesian under saddle and “Acadian Four”, a cut paper drawing of a coaching scene at Acadia, were picked to illustrate equestrian actives for select chapters of the book. “Equestrian Style” is certain to be a good read for horse lovers everywhere.

These two artworks will be exhibited at Gallery B in Lexington, KY at several book signings for Ms Moon's Equestrian Style" new publication held at the Gallery.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Sun After The Storm

For two days we have had weather that seemed more like August than June. I mean this is spring, we shouldn't have temps in the 90's here in Maine!!! When it is that hot outside loft studio gets heated like a oven. Not a fun place to be. But today started with cooling fog and then cleared and a lovely breeze blows through the house. So why was I out working in my gardens?? And taking pictures??? Why indeed! It is too nice to be in the studio!! I think I will take paint and paper out into the gardens to work.
Boy, this is a hard job!!

My poppies have started opening at last....I can't wait for their brilliant bobbing heads to add excitement to the very green landscape. So out I go to capture their brilliance!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beautiful Jim Key DONE For The Mural

My panel is done and ready to be shipped..........Nice to have it done....
and now I am able to get busy on some other works, some commissions and works for upcoming shows, that I have had to put on hold because the deadline loomed for the Le Cadeau Du Cheval- The Gift of the Horse. I will be checking for my panel to see when it gets up onto the mother image.
It is hot today in my loft studio........95 outside. This is hot for June in Maine. I guess I need to start working outside a bit when the weather is like this!!
Yesterday we took the day off and headed north the I favourite spot...ACADIA! No artwork was done but I did get some awesome photo shots for future paintings. I love Acadia National Park! It always feeds my muse!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Almost Done- ALMOST

I must confess....I have been in the garden more than the studio ....but, was a long cold winter and that is my excuse. That and the fact that I have too many gardens and am making more all the time. With me it is like potato is never enough. That is also my excuse for why I have 4 horses. This is the walk way to our home.......gardens to the left of me ...gardens to the right!! But I love it and they feed my soul.
[There are also gardens behind the house]

This is where I am with the panel for the mural "Le Cadeau Du Cheval" . I think I only have to add some highlights and then it will be good to go. I think..................

The painting that is sitting on the easel behind it needs to get done................
I guess I do NEED to get out of my gardens...for a while at least.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hue and Saturation

Today I worked on my panel is coming together ...and I feel I need to get it done, so I can varnish it before sending it off to hang in the mother image.........I just found out today that I am almost OUT of purple........Shiva Violet! This is not good.....I know I cannot find Shiva Casein paint any where near Belfast ...never mind Morrill, Maine!!! I need to make a note to myself to always have two of every color! Lesson learned!
Tomorrow I won't get much done in the studio.....the vet is coming to float teeth on the equine kids and to give everyone their checkups. I am sure the horses will be so happy. NOT!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jim Key and Dr Key

The painting for the Mural progresses...the first foray into the casein is drying and I had to wait at least a day before going back into the painting... as I didn't want to pick up much of the first casein layer that I threw on there. It gives me time to sit back and reflect about changes I need to make and think about where I am going with this work.

I have now added the 1904 World Fair Pavilion where Jim preformed those years ago. This horse could read and spell and count...made change with money....My goodness..I can't even do that!!!

There are a few panels that have already been finished and are up at the Le Cadeau Du Cheval website. I love seeing what other artists are coming up with for their panels...Check it out for yourself! Just think, over 238 artists all working to the same end..the mother image that will emerge as the panels are finished and put up onto the grid! Exciting!

I need to finish my painting and get it up there!!

So back to the drawing board so to speak!!