Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Paintings Done and Those Still To Do.

"January Thaw" Oil on copper     8 x 6"
Bitter cold has kept me in the studio each day until the present warm spell blew into New England. The horses are wondering what the story is , and their shedding hair is flying! Oh, the vagaries of Mother Nature!!  I have been wanting to do a painting of out brook for ages. It was time. I just did a small 8 x 6" oil on copper and it is available on my website, [see above] all framed and ready to hang!! "January Thaw" is one view of our brook that I love..... and I plan on doing other seasons too.Each season offers a new light,with different colors. Right now our brook is a sheet of ice.....all gray and silver. I think I might give it another try on my easel!!

Our old Cob mare sleeps in the winter sun.

We are more than half through winter....I know the horses are glad for that fact!!

Devon , our Morgan ginger boy, watches the ice covered pond.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow And Cold Covered The Land

"A Shadow Of Himself"  Oil on gessoboard   10 x 8"

 The weather has been cold...bone chilling cold.....and the last few days the horses have only gone out for a few hours each day. When the winds blow so cold and strong, they appreciate being in their stalls out of the wind that even permeates their coats of winter ........but we are so hoping that tomorrow will be they can stay out. 

I have managed a bit of studio time,but have to admit that my forays to the studio are fragmented by the care of the horses and sweet Nell. I have moved things around a bit inside my studio sanctuary, and started getting paperwork ready for the yearly chore of taxes....and rethinking my filing system [or lack of]. One small oil painting, "A Shadow Of Himself",  has been finished and I have been capturing lovely winter shots of the horses and the farm with my new camera....but cabin fever is starting to set in! Yearning for a bit of  warm sunlight here and balmy summer breezes.

Even Nellie searches for something exciting and fun to do after days of winter"s confinement. Look out squirrels!!

Nell  is on the scent.......

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Start To A Great Year

Our barn ...a haven for me.
Sometimes I am amazed .....rightly so!! I received the news that I was of several artists 
picked as one of "The Top Artists to Watch in 2013 " !!!  I am honored, and yes, a bit confused on how I was selected to be one of the "Top Artists", but honored nevertheless. Thank you, Annie Strack, for including me in your pick!!!!.......She’s the author of The Artists Guide to Business & Marketing, and since 2005 she’s been a feature writer and contributing editor for ProfessionalArtist Magazine; the premier national business magazine for visual artists. So I am vowing I will live up to her "prediction"......and will paint, paint, paint!!

So since my last post I have finished two paintings.....a casein and an oil....
and yes, both are of horses.

"Warning Signs"  Casein on board     12 x 12"

And when the weather has allowed us, we have been ground driving our new driving pair........It has been a fun winter so far. Yes, there are been cold days when the wind blows and the temps drop below 0 Fahrenhei,t...... Then we have been blessed with great sunny day where the sun warmed the days up to 50 F. So at this point, I am not complaining.....!!!

But most days you can find me in my studio working......trying to be one of those artists one should be watching [and collecting] in 2013!!!! And for sure ...if I am not there.....I am in the barn gathering inspiration!!   So I can be painting ,painting, painting.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year And New Goals

Cold Winter Winds Are Blowing
The holidays have come and gone. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with our family and friends. Now life is starting to get back to the daily routine of barn chores and snow shoveling.
Nell is asking for walks and paintings are asking to be painted. I enjoy the warm quietness of our small woodland cottage on winter days when the winds howl outside, the snow cloaks our farm and the tea kettle sings of the comfort and  sweet life.

Our new Morgan ginger boys, Devon and Danny, have settled into our barn and daily routine as if they have always been a part of our life.Our geriatric horses, Duster and Victoria have accepted them into the herd.....and Les and I are so looking forward to spring, and the chance to actually get back into the fun of carriage driving.

So far this new year....I have cleaned up my studio, shipped out work to Chisholm Gallery in Wellington,Florida, situated in the new Equestrian Mall; finished commissions for clients who needed for Christmas and shipped out paintings sold .New paintings have been done... The new year looks to be busy with the need for new works for  invitational art exhibits, gallery shows and commissions that are already coming in. I will try to get as much done now, while winter rages outside....for I will be busy this summer carriage driving again. I have promised that for myself......a respite of sorts. I so want my life that went missing after my stroke disrupted my life [our life] over 6 years ago. I am ready to get back to my life with our horses. Acadia here we come!!

"Color On A Gray Winter's Day"   Casein   12 x 12"

So the story continues....the Cob Cottage Farm saga....the Cob Cottage Studio blog.....!!

Our brook sleeps under winter's blanket