Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Paintings Done and Those Still To Do.

"January Thaw" Oil on copper     8 x 6"
Bitter cold has kept me in the studio each day until the present warm spell blew into New England. The horses are wondering what the story is , and their shedding hair is flying! Oh, the vagaries of Mother Nature!!  I have been wanting to do a painting of out brook for ages. It was time. I just did a small 8 x 6" oil on copper and it is available on my website, [see above] all framed and ready to hang!! "January Thaw" is one view of our brook that I love..... and I plan on doing other seasons too.Each season offers a new light,with different colors. Right now our brook is a sheet of ice.....all gray and silver. I think I might give it another try on my easel!!

Our old Cob mare sleeps in the winter sun.

We are more than half through winter....I know the horses are glad for that fact!!

Devon , our Morgan ginger boy, watches the ice covered pond.


Anns Art said...

Gorgeous painting. Love the colours in this work too. Your horses look as though they are patiently waiting for the warm weather, aren't we all.

Kpeters said...

Hi Ann, Thank you! Glad you like it.It has attracted a lot of attention...our little brook!! Who knew?!! I am staying busy in the studio while I wait for warmer weather.I hear it is coming!! some day!!