Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Start To A Great Year

Our barn ...a haven for me.
Sometimes I am amazed .....rightly so!! I received the news that I was of several artists 
picked as one of "The Top Artists to Watch in 2013 " !!!  I am honored, and yes, a bit confused on how I was selected to be one of the "Top Artists", but honored nevertheless. Thank you, Annie Strack, for including me in your pick!!!!.......She’s the author of The Artists Guide to Business & Marketing, and since 2005 she’s been a feature writer and contributing editor for ProfessionalArtist Magazine; the premier national business magazine for visual artists. So I am vowing I will live up to her "prediction"......and will paint, paint, paint!!

So since my last post I have finished two paintings.....a casein and an oil....
and yes, both are of horses.

"Warning Signs"  Casein on board     12 x 12"

And when the weather has allowed us, we have been ground driving our new driving pair........It has been a fun winter so far. Yes, there are been cold days when the wind blows and the temps drop below 0 Fahrenhei,t...... Then we have been blessed with great sunny day where the sun warmed the days up to 50 F. So at this point, I am not complaining.....!!!

But most days you can find me in my studio working......trying to be one of those artists one should be watching [and collecting] in 2013!!!! And for sure ...if I am not there.....I am in the barn gathering inspiration!!   So I can be painting ,painting, painting.

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