Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow And Cold Covered The Land

"A Shadow Of Himself"  Oil on gessoboard   10 x 8"

 The weather has been cold...bone chilling cold.....and the last few days the horses have only gone out for a few hours each day. When the winds blow so cold and strong, they appreciate being in their stalls out of the wind that even permeates their coats of winter ........but we are so hoping that tomorrow will be they can stay out. 

I have managed a bit of studio time,but have to admit that my forays to the studio are fragmented by the care of the horses and sweet Nell. I have moved things around a bit inside my studio sanctuary, and started getting paperwork ready for the yearly chore of taxes....and rethinking my filing system [or lack of]. One small oil painting, "A Shadow Of Himself",  has been finished and I have been capturing lovely winter shots of the horses and the farm with my new camera....but cabin fever is starting to set in! Yearning for a bit of  warm sunlight here and balmy summer breezes.

Even Nellie searches for something exciting and fun to do after days of winter"s confinement. Look out squirrels!!

Nell  is on the scent.......

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