Monday, November 15, 2010

Work Published .....Again

A page from the new book written by Lynda McCann, illustrated by me.

Years ago I worked as the advertising manager for a Maine Equine publication,  The Horses Maine . I also illustrated its monthly story that was written by Lynda McCann, the  paper's editor. The stories were about an adventurous welsh pony called Tink, a Jack Russell Terrier named Frado, and a whole array of barn yard characters...a fun bunch to draw and to capture their personalities. I looked forward to each episode,as did the readers of the monthly equine newspaper. I stopped illustrating the stories when I went full-time into my painting career.Lynda continued writing the stories that went unillustrated over the years. Last winter Lynda told me she was going to start publishing the stories in book form. We decided some of the old illustrations should be used....And Lynda's book is now out and available... just in time for Chistmas gift giving to young horse crazy kids everywhere. Go Tink!!! Go Frado!!!

I must admit Frado looks a bit like our own JRT, Nellie......I guess Nellie came to our house for a reason!!
And even though the persona of Tink was based on a welsh pony from North Yarmouth, Maine...
at the time that I was illustrating Lynda's stories, we had a handsome welsh pony named "Frolic" , who was loved by our granddaughter,Jackie. It made my job so much easier having the characters right there to draw from! The drawings in the new book were done years ago...but still work today! Take a look at "The Mis-Adventures of Tink and Frado"!!!

Book available at

Our Nellie could have posed for this!
I have new work in the making now...a watercolor begging to be done and I am back into a LARGE casein on canvas of three draft horses ,that was supposed to have been  a "work in progress" example, when I got waylaid and running off into another direction! Easily done these days!


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

That is so cool about the book!

Kpeters said...

It was fun to see these old illustrations come to life again in Lynda's book.

Viney said...
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