Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life In Progress

'Tug' in progress

The past week flew by too fast. I saw the studio occasionally, but not so much I could really do anything that took a concentrated effort. So I did one small casein painting of a tug...a painting I have been wanting to do for a long time.....and sketched out a head shot of a Morgan...a work that I also have been meaning to get into. Both works were done while sitting at my drawing board....and I am finding I would rather be standing up and painting on my feet. So that means bigger works...and room to dace around a bit! That should make the pups happy...they like it when we dance....sort of like dancing with the 'stars'!

Addie likes to watch me work.

The girls pups and I go down to the studio each day....some days are productive...some not so much. Such is life.We take our 'brilliant days' when we get them and chalk the others up to "practice"!! No time wasted!!! We learn from our triumphs and our least I think so.

The graphite sketch below is the one I worked on today, for a bit .I really think I want to do this one as a watercolor.....we shall see. In the mean time I will continue with works in progress...and my life that is still in progress...!!

Graphite sketch of Morgan mare.....should it be a watercolor?


Tracey said...

Wonderful pencil sketch, I bet it would look nice as a watercolor painting.

JScott said...

My cats tend to "help" me while I'm working, except their "help" does not help at all. Molly, specifically (one of my cats) likes to sit on my desk and play with the computer screens. :S

Addie is adorable and I think it's cute that watching you is fun for Addie. Maybe Addie is learning your art skills by watching?

Kpeters said...

Thanks Tracey...I am thinking the same thing..a nice watercolor....


Kpeters said...

J....If Addie is going to start painting, she better start now...and I can sit back and let her make me rich!! ;-)
Our "Mitten" cat gets her long hair all over the office....and I have to vacuum the inside of the PC often due to her 'furring' it!

Gaina said...

The Morgan graphite is lovely. I don't think I'd add any colour to it as it has such character in monotone :D.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I'm thinking watercolor too, though that's only because I LOVE color. Your work is awesome!

Sarah Howe said...

LOVING the Tug!!! and your color pallette! My husband has recently ventures out and done some paintings of some sialboat off the Tennessee River! Come visit sometime!