Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watercolor And Water Coming Down

Watercolor I am working on today.

Mid week and rain is coming down. It comes down in sheets, beating against the south of the house, running down the window panes...and the dogs do NOT want to go out. I don't blame them. I spent the morning painting in the studio.Today I am working in watercolor....a painting of two Belgian drafts as seen from the box. In the studio easy listening jazz is playing, and the atmosphere is cozy. I will stay here and work while the pups sleep upstairs ....Nell has taken to sleeping on the big antique chair,all propped up on a fluffy blue pillow. I am letting sleeping dogs lie.

Cozy Nell
The rain drums against the studio windows, even under the deck that shields those studio windows. One of these windows is decorated with our winter squash,.... each squash waiting to be picked as the squash of the evening....fall dinner fare. I think I need to do a painting of them....they look so good! [While they last!] 

Rain on the pane.

Addie does not like rain down her ears.

Then when  the weather cleared a bit, the pups and I headed down to the barn. I turned the horses out and cleaned the stalls. Addie ,our Corgi, still was not too happy about the drizzle. The rain runs into her lovely pointy ears, you know....not a nice feeling. So we hurried and cleaned the stalls and made them ready for the horses to come in to for the night.....Then headed back to the house for the warmth and to dry off. We had to stop and enjoy the brook that runs by our it wanders through the woods towards our back pond. It is really bursting today.....I think it is a lovely sight...even if it is a bit gray today.

Red fallen leaves dress up the gray day.


sue said...

I'm with the dogs ... I don't like rain either and Nell looks soooo cute on her cushion.

You live in a very pretty part of the world I think

Gadget Monkey said...

Wonderful art Kathi, you have a great nack for shadow. Keep up the good work :)


Jenny Schouten Short said...

It is nice to be part of your day. I also painted inside today because it is really cold outside in Holland. Next week we'll have our first freeze. xo Jenny

Kpeters said...

It is so neat to meet like minded people half way around the world!...we are everywhere!
I enjoy your input!


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I like the rain! I just love it when the local creeks overflow like the photo you have posted. Oh, and my dog is the same way about the rain too!

Viney said...
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