Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Oil & Too Old For New Tricks

Shades Of Gray#8       Oil on Copper               22 x 22"

It seems as if the past week plus was all about the paint. I was without my computer for over a week and so all my studio time was spent actually painting. [Novel idea, no?] I think I need to send my PC away every so often just so I can get back on track with just painting,drawing and creating. Sometimes the whole social media 'stick' is so time consuming! And now to add to the PC distraction,  I have to learn new programs....and figure how to navigate the new PC! And it is can't train an old dog new tricks....or can't do it easily!
So now this old dog is trying to figure out how to crop, and fiddle with my artwork I apologize for the images within this blog post.....but for the time being, what you see is what I can do!  Sorry!
The new large oil on copper above is the latest in my "Shades Of Gray "series. This painting is slated to go to Kentucky for the September show at Gallery B. The small oil on copper Jack Russel Terrier painting below is available through my studio.

"Something Is In There"       5 x 7"        oil on copper

There are several other paintings done too, along with two graphites, but I can't deal with the
PC now ....enough is enough!!

But I need to share a bit of a brag before I go....My watercolor painting, "Trio Brio", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the June 2010 FineArtViews Painting competition. This is a very prestigious online artshow...and I am so happy to have received this honor. I feel that a "People's Choice" Award is really an honor! Thanks TO ALL who voted for my painting!!!

And NOW I so need to get back into the studio!!!

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