Friday, July 2, 2010

New Art Work, Great News!

  "Fetching The Horse"      casein on board    5 x7"
 A small casein is off the easel, so to speak. A new ParsonJack Russell at play....aren't they always playing!? Our JRT,Nell is also looking for a play fellow, someone to throw her 'baby' for her to fetch, or to take the opposite end of baling twine to play Tug of War. I never get tired of painting dogs....and our JRT and our Corgi are often the canine subjects I portray. But this painting is of a cute little Jack in Lexington that I saw last year. So when I go to Lexington, it isn't just to capture images of horses! Dogs too!!!!

These days I am busy working on new paintings for my September show... back at Gallery B again. That is always a fun trip with neat horses to see and time spent with good friends.

 Yesterday I learned that I was one of the top ten finalists in the voting for favorites in the Bold Brush Painting Competition for the month of June. I actually didn't even know they did a People's Choice vote and I am really excited to see my work in that first line of artists... in a very popular online show.In June, I had entered a painting done a bit ago, a watercolor of three Peruvian Paso horses.Who knew it would get 6th place in popular vote in The Fav's part of the competition in a show that attracts some very brilliant professional artists. So I am painting and smiling today! And gee...thanks to all the friends and folks who voted for my painting!! Thumbs Up!!

 "Trio Brio"   watercolor on board          12 x 12"

These horses are from a Peruvian Horse Farm in Texas. JyW Coyote Creek Ranch , breeders of the beautiful Peruvian Paso Horse. They now have this painting in their collection.

What a beautiful day we are experiencing here in Maine....
Here's to a Happy Forth of July weekend for Mainers and those from away!! Enjoy! I will be!!!


Gaina said...

Congratulations! The painting of the three horses is stunning :)

Kpeters said...

Thanks Gaina....I really appreciate comments from readers....we all love input!