Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another People's Choice?

I have entered my oil painting, "Shades of Gray #7 -  Ladies in White"  into the July 2010 FineArtViews Painting competition. If you like it... You can vote for  "Peoples Choice" at The Bold Brush Art Competition website. IT ONLY TAKES A CLICK TO VOTE......Thank you! I might make it into the Fav 15 again!! That would be a hoot!! Tell your friends to vote too!

"Shades Of Gray - Ladies In White"       Oil  on Copper              22 x 22"

I have had little time lately to actually get into a groove and get some quality studio time. I have been grabbing minutes here and there. But my husband, Les, is healing and doing well.So we must admit we are feeling a bit more than blessed these days. Les has a lovely place to rest and recuperate from his driving accident....I am just happy to have him home.Addie, our Corgi is busy being 'Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy' and watching his every move. Nellie, our resident Jack Russell 'Terrierist' is making sure Les is being washed and loved. How could the man not heal?!!!  
Until then......less painting....and more Les!

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