Monday, July 19, 2010

Falling Of The Wagon

Actually what really happened is that my husband was thrown off the carriage when he was driving with a friend up at Acadia National Park. The pair of Canadien horses they were driving bolted and the fun began! Les hit the gravel carriage roads on his right side, which left him with 4 broken ribs and a very bruised arm.....and a wicked case of road rash on his arm and face. I received the news Thursday afternoon and life as been in a turmoil since.
After several days at the Bar Harbor hospital, Les is home now recuperating. I get to be nurse maid, farm manager,lawns keeper and chief cook and bottle-washer.Needless to say, I have not had any time to paint.
Studio work has been put on hold.

"Holly Bull"   casein on board    7 x 5"

The above casein was the last painting I finished.....along with an oil on copper that I have not photoed yet . "Holly Bull" will be put on my website in the Small Works Collection. Now back to the patient patient, who needs his meds and a cool drink. This will be slow healing process.....and I am anxious to get him healed!!


sue said...

Wishing Les a speedy recovery (for both your sakes) :o)

Kpeters said...

Thanks is hard when someone you love is in pain.