Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Gray From The Series

"Shade Of Gray" #4"   casein on paper     9 x 12"

Morning found me shipping works out to a new show in Kentucky...and then down to the studio I went. The weather was sunny, warm and inviting, but I kept focused and finished the above casein from the series of gray horses I am doing now....and also I worked on getting closer to finishing a commission portrait of some young men. I was able to open the back door in the studio,  to feel the warm and fresh air streaming in..and the two pups stayed with me as I worked. This new studio space is turning out to be an awesome place for me to work in! I can just step out the door and am in my back gardens, looking down to the barn, the horses and the fields beyond! Granted I am still working with piles of art supplies and boxes that have not been sorted or put away....but the space still works! YAY!

Outside the trees are quickly budding and my forsythia is in blossom....the 'daffies' are dancing in yellow and pink and purple crocus have popped up here and there throughout my gardens. The glory of spring...the promise of is a wonder I get anything done in the studio and not be out fiddling in the gardens!


Gaina said...

That's beautiful! :)

Marie Theron said...

I love the painting and the way you have rendered the steps!

Kpeters said...

I am really enjoying the trip to discovery the gray/white horse and the colors they display!
Thanks,Marie and Giana!