Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Brights Around The Cottage

Muscari and stones      4/26/2010

 Bright splashes of color are appearing all around the cottage gardens.When the sun shines they sparkle. When it  is gray and over cast out [as it often is in spring] the colors still sing and invite a walk around the garden paths...even in the rain.So I am enticed out of the studio more often and that means less studio time.But I am still slugging away at commission work and some originals.I am not a fast painter.I have to 'think' a lot. Maybe that means that I am really not cut out to be a plein air painter.....but my artist-friend Renee Lammers is bound and determined to get me out and painting plein air.We shall see! I do have commitments for works for fall shows...and those paintings must come first. In between I will venture forth with Renee on occasion. But truth be known, I could also just sit on my own farm and paint forever.....especially now that spring has sprung!

My studio is so cozy now...especially with it's bright spring colored file
cabinet...I love working in it!

But the orchard is in bloom.The water trickles from our garden pond through the pond plants.......and evening shadows stretch across the lawn and fields, blue and cool.

Life is good on Cob Cottage Farm this spring!
There are paintings to be done...
inside and out!!


Shayla said...

You have beautiful work and I enjoyed the "tour" of the studio and grounds.

Kpeters said...

Thank you, Shayla.........come back and visit! :-)