Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Studio Space NOW

With three windows looking out onto my back garden, my new studio now affords me new views to distract me. I even placed my drawing board in front of one window to take advantage of the natural light and in the summer the fresh air! The door opens onto the back patio and a space where I can paint or draw out of the sun during warmer weather.A hop skip and jump outside the studio,birds sing,the brook bubbles and life on the farm goes on!

The back wall will contain my work tables,
room for my easel and also a wall space where I can actually hang a canvas that is too big for the easel!! Now I can really rock and roll [and not hit my head!] The black cupboard that houses my papers and supplies is now easy to get to ....without having to move furniture around to open the cupboard doors! I have paintings piled in the right corner of the room now, but that corner will soon be home to the flat-file [still needs painting ] and above that my small drawers that house all my paints [oil,casein,acrylic,tempera].
My charcoal and watercolors are housed in my taboret....and my pastels will soon be all spread out in a type-set drawer that I have....easy to grab and see the colors.The type-set drawer used to hang on the wall with nick nac's displayed in it....something to dust! Not anymore!

The wall that I am not showing here now, has the spiral staircase against it in one corner and will also be fitted with shelves where I can store finished unframed work and canvas to be used. Let me tell you....this has all been a dream for a long time.......... So see?!!! Dreams do come true!!! ;-)


Kaylyn said...

What luxury to be able to walk to a cabinet or closet and get out what you need, and be able to put it back easily, too!! And a door to open to catch the spring breezes! Very happy for you!

Nancy Medina said...

Kathi this space is full of good energy, you can just sense it! What an amazing place for your wonderful art. Thank you for sharing the photos, there is real magic happening in that room!

Kpeters said...

Thanks! I am hoping that this space gives good karma! and that the creative energies flows!!
let me tell you that I AM enjoying the open space it affords me!!after years of feeling very cramped!!