Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Belgian Painting And More

As I sit at my drawing board now I can not only look up and see my back gardens..but I can also look up and see my purple orchid sitting on the window sill. And not only am I happy in the new studio space, but I am joined by my orchid that is so happy it is blossoming and throwing out new buds. The casein on the drawing board is done...two big Belgians....I loved the lighting and shadows in this piece and the tails swishing. It was one of those painting that 'painted it's self". I love it when that happens. I will be putting up on my website.

With my mulch spread, and with the lovely spring weather we have been having, we got the veggie garden tilled and ready to start some seeds in....lettuce and spinach..the curly garlic are already up and green! I so enjoy having the gardens to work in...a quick break from painting and easily accessible now. Gardening is good exercise...stretching and bending!  The pups are loving the gardening time too. An excuse for playtime outside! 

And basking in the spring sunshine...the two black geldings.........muddy black Tennessee Walkers....we are ALL enjoying the coming of spring on the farm. Winters last a long time in Maine.

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